Custom Commissions

At Steel Theory, we take your project seriously. We love to include our special touch to whatever you it you desire to create. On this page, you will see a variety of completely custom pieces. We take an image, trace it in Inkscape, and put the finishing touches to the file on Fusion 360. From there, we cut the file into a metal sheet ranging from 10 to 18 gauge. After it is cut, Eric grinds the dross off and makes the metal shine. From there, he finishes in a variety of methods but most often requested is some type of powder coat.
  • The Phoenix Sawyer

    This is the first multi-layered sign we created. We are proud of the colors which add dimension to this piece.

  • Image Recreation

    This was a fun piece where we took an image of a beloved pets, traced and edited the image, then finished it in matte black.

  • CJs Mobile

    It's always fun when an old friend reaches out with a cool project. We have a special love for mechanics and images like the one we created out of metal here.

  • Invitation Recreation

    This piece was created in the likeness of a wedding invitation. It is finished in alcohol ink to mimic the water colors found on the original invitation.

  • Commemorative Gift

    It's an honor when people select us to commemorate a retirement milestone- especially someone in our armed forces.

  • Custom Vent Covers

    Take home personalization to a whole new level with customizing all things metal in your home.